About Mobility Conquest

The Conquest was originally created by Alan Martin, founder of Martin Conquest wheelchair motorbike in the United Kingdom, for his son, an outgoing young man that had become disabled. The concept for a wheelchair motorcycle for individuals with physical disabilities then progressed through the classical stages of new product development and great interest grew throughout the UK.

Our Mission Is Your Freedom

Mobility Conquest, owned by Mobility Works, was founded with the express mission of providing the physically disabled access to an active and adventurous lifestyle. The mobility company has its roots in providing wheelchair accessible vehicles of all auto types, from small vehicles, to vans to commercial vehicles used in large fleets.

riding the conquest

Our Motorcycle Dealership Network

The mobility dealerships throughout the United States that carry The Conquest wheelchair accessible motorcycles are held to the highest standards of customer service and are leaders in the markets they serve. This is in line with the philosophy of Mobility Works, which has been awarded the exclusive rights in the United States by Martin Conquest for its own demonstrated commitment to the physically disabled community. While that commitment results in many practical devices that make vehicles more accessible to the handicapped, sometimes that commitment also results in products as innovative and liberating as the The Conquest motorcycle.

Exclusive Source Of The Conquest

MobilityWorks was among those included on the 2010 Inc. 5000 company list and is among the fastest-growing private companies in the US. The company’s performance and experience with providing wheelchair-accessible vehicles made MobilityWorks the natural choice for the exclusive source for the Conquest in the US. Mobility Conquest, a division of MobilityWorks, now offers the first wheelchair accessible motorcycle to anyone and everyone who wants to get back on the road.

Once A Rider, Always A Rider

Mobility Conquest is currently experiencing a great deal of interest in the wheelchair motorbike. Though only 4% of the total population rides motorcycles, those riders are typically very dedicated to the sport and it’s oftentimes something that one has a hard time giving up. Our unique line of handicap accessible motorcycles ensure those who are physcially disabled don't have to give up riding.

Mobility Conquest is now offering a chance to reconnect with the open road with The Conquest wheelchair accessible motorcycle.

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We're sorry... There are no current Conquest Trikes available for sale or scheduled to be built.

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